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Photo: Maciej Staszkiewicz

Nima Noury has been born in Tehran in 1983. He holds a PhD in Neuroscience and is a scientist at the university hospital of Tübingen, Germany. However, parallel to his scientific career, he has been continuously fulfilling his extreme passion for music by learning traditional Iranian music from some of the greatest masters of Iran, including Houshang Zarif, Hamid Motebassem, Behrooz Hemmati, Amir Hossein Reza, etc. He plays several Iranian instruments: Tar, SeTar, Oud, and Tar Bass.

Since 2011, Nima is living in Germany and has been playing in several international and Iranian bands, including Mian-Ensemble, Folklang, Dilan, Shapol, etc. In September 2019, Nima founded Alhan Ensemble, which focuses on Iranian traditional music.

Apart from his musical activities as a composer and performer, Nima teaches Tar and Setar, and also gives workshops on the theory of the middle-eastern music.

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